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Augustin’s Story

Unlike most people who initially come to Seattle Family Chiropractic, Augustin had no pain when he first started getting adjustments. He simply knew that his passion and his chosen form of exercise, Jiu Jitsu, takes a natural toll on the body and wanted some preventative care.

“I wanted to make sure things weren’t off,” he explained.

Augustin has been a martial arts fan since childhood and is now a blue belt. He recently competed in the World Jiu Jitsu Championship in Long Beach, California. An electrical engineer by day, he trains every evening at Marcelo Alonso Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Seattle. Marcelo Alonso ranks one of the foremost Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools in the state of Washington. Augustin understands that chiropractic care will help him achieve his optimal athletic performance.

“It’s about injury prevention and being a better athlete,” he said about his chiropractic care. “I just started coming in, and I can already tell my back is less tight.”

Jiu jitsu involves a lot of harsh moves, from bending over to neck choking and squats. According to Augustin, the adjustments used at Seattle Family Chiropractic help him achieve his peak performance, remain pain-free, and help with his posture. And thanks to the easy monthly maintenance plans, he can work his chiropractic care into his regular schedule.

“To me it just makes sense—you exercise, eat good food, and go to the chiropractor.” We agree with Augustin.

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