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CrossFit and Chiropractic Care Make a Great Team

If you’re a CrossFit athlete, then you probably know a thing or two about achieving overall health and wellness. Driven, hardworking and motivated, CrossFitters usually desire optimum health and well-being, placing value in achieving their peak physical performance. This is done through their commitment to regular workouts, proper nutrition and adequate rest. Unfortunately, many of them miss one vital link in this important chain: regular chiropractic care.

CrossFit athletes often push themselves further physically at every workout. This routinely leads to spinal misalignment (also known as vertebral subluxation), a common condition occurring in the spine when a vertebra misaligns and puts stress on the nerves. They may not feel pain right away, as pain is the last sign of an injury. But the misalignment will lead to restricted range of motion and improper posture, which will inhibit their ability to workout to their fullest capabilities and can eventually lead to severe injury.

CrossFit and chiropractic care are both lifestyle philosophies that share a goal: maximizing the body’s full potential. Even stress that is good for the body, such as physical exercise, can lead to spinal misalignment. By working chiropractic care into their training program from the beginning, Crossfitters can improve their athletic performance. Our affordable long-term wellness plans here at Seattle Family Chiropractic make it easier for any CrossFit athlete to receive regular care. Our techniques will help treat some common conditions of CrossFitters:

  • Continuous forward flexion can put extreme pressure on the lumbar spine.

  • Repetitive motion can cause problems with the discs in the spine.

  • Rotational movement can affect the lumbar spine and the sacrum.

  • Squats, which are common in Crossfit, can affect the sacroiliac joint.

For more information on the three techniques we use, click here.

If you’re an active CrossFitter, schedule a consultation to begin your chiropractic care right away. Athletes who combine chiropractic care with CrossFit are likely to reduce the number of injuries sustained and improve their overall performance. And if you’re just getting started with your CrossFit program, start chiropractic care from the beginning. Don’t wait until you get injured to seek treatment—just think of your chiropractic adjustments as part of the overall health and wellness that CrossFit promotes.

It’s All About Form: The Story of a Seattle CrossFitter

With his permission, we interviewed Bert while he was seeking chiropractic treatment through a three month wellness plan at Seattle Family Chiropractic.

Bert began working out at the CrossFit gym about two and a half years ago, working out five to six times per week. He was two years into his workouts when he injured his back.

“I doubled over in pain,” he said. “I knew it was an injury that would need to be fixed quick.”

Bert came to Seattle Family Chiropractic, where we were able to correct the worst of his injuries fairly quickly. It was here that Bert learned just how much the common CrossFit moves impacted his spine, and he realized he probably wouldn’t have injured his back had he been focusing more on his form during his workouts.

“Proper form is a huge part of CrossFit,” Bert said. “We spend about 30 minutes talking about form and how to workout properly. The workouts are actually done in short bursts.”

But if a Crossfit athlete has spinal misalignment, which happens during physical activity, proper form becomes impossible.

Bert took photos or videos after every adjustment, so he was able to see how quickly chiropractic treatment helped him. After several months of regular adjustments, he has been able to return to CrossFit. He has scaled back his workouts while he recovers physically, but he has noticed he has a better range of motion since receiving chiropractic care and is feeling better overall. He understands the benefits of chiropractic treatment for CrossFit athletes.

“I would definitely recommend chiropractic care (to other CrossFitters),” he said. “I’ll maintain my care once a week or every other week.”


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